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Carolina Public Humanities Seminar

How have the crises of democracy endured from Ancient Greece to Modern America?Emily Baragwanath will be joining Jonathan Weiler on March 2, 2024 at the Rizzo Center for a Carolina Public Humanities seminar and panel discussion about crises of democracy in Ancient Athens and Modern America.  Democracies are somewhat rare forms of government across the history of human societies, in part because they are vulnerable to the upheavals of war, economic dislocation, corruption, internal social conflicts, and evolving foreign threats. Drawing on the insights of UNC experts who analyze the history and structures of democratic societies, we’ll seek to understand how the crises in an ancient democracy may resemble or differ from the crises in our own era of intense political polarizations.  Dr. Baragwanath will address  ‘The Crises in Ancient Athenian Democracy’ while Dr. Weiler will speak to  ‘The Crises in Contemporary American Democracy’. A panel discussion will then ensue.

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