Murphey Hall, built in 1924 and named after one of the first teachers of Classics at UNC, is the physical center of the department. Murphey houses the department’s main office, as well as the offices of all Classics faculty and the three graduate student offices. Murphey is also home to the B.L. Ullman Classics Library, a collection of several thousand books, including near-complete sets of Oxford Classical Texts, Teubner, Bude, and Loeb Classical Library volumes, as well as an extensive collection of journals, many of which were collected during the 35 years that UNC was the home of the American office of L’Annee Philologique. In addition, there is a common room lounge on the second floor in which Classics students may study, eat, and relax.

In 2001 and 2002 Murphey underwent a multi-million dollar renovation and restoration project. The classrooms now are “smart,” having Wi-Fi; touch-screen computer terminals that allow instructors to control lights, shades, screens, and projectors; document cameras; and media players in most rooms.