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Many of our graduate students and faculty participated in the annual meetings of various professional associations as well as traveled abroad to give papers.  Names of participants and their papers are listed below.

Professional Associations

American Society for Oriental Research (November 2016, San Antonio, TX)

Jennifer Gates-Foster: “Omrit Settlement Excavations: Report on the 2014-2016 Seasons” with Daniel Schowalter, Michael Nelson, Benjamin Rubin and Jason Schlude; “A Late Roman Ritual Assemblage from Horvat Omrit”

Joint Meeting of the Archaeological Institute of America and Society for Classical Studies (January 2017, Toronto, Ontario, Canada)

  • Emily Baragwanath: Co-organizer with Edith Foster of panel entitled “Power Couple: Attic Comedy and Historiography”
  • Jennifer Gates-Foster: “Omrit Settlement Excavations: Report on the 2014-2016 Seasons” with Daniel Schowalter, Michael Nelson, Benjamin Rubin and Jason Schlude
  • Sharon James: Co-organizer and commentator, “Mothers and Daughters in Antiquity”

Classical Association of the Middle West and South (April 2017, Kitchener, Ontario, Canada)


  • Emily Baragwanath: “Watching the Girls Go By: The Wife of Ischomachus and Theodote the Courtesan”
  • Janet Downie: “The Romance Between Greece and Rome in Aelius Aristides’ Orations on Smyrna and Corinth” In panel that she organized: “From Second Sophistic to Imperial Literature”
  • Sharon James: “Plautus and the Marriage Plot”
  • Jim O’Hara: Respondent, Presidential Panel, “Ovid and Vergil”

Graduate Students

  • Andrew Ficklin: “Apollonius’ Construction of Ekphrastic Narrative”
  • Brian D. McPhee: “Beginning with You, Selene: Apollonius’ Allusion to Hom. Hymn 32.18-19 in Arg. 1.1-2″
  • Keith Penich: “Reviving Troy in Aeneid 5″
  • Hannah Sorscher: “Lovely-Haired Demeter: The Hair Motif in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter”
  • Katie Tardio: “Animal Husbandry as an Indicator of Cultural Change: Villa de Vilauba”
  • Tedd Wimperis: “Troezen and Athens in Euripides’ Hippolytus: Myth, Politics, and Liminality”

Classical Association of the Middle West and South – Southern Section (October 2016, Atlanta, GA)

Sharon James: Organizer of a panel, “The Politics of the Female Body in Ovid’s Love Poetry.”  Paper, “The Female Body in Ovid’s Ars amatoria: Production for Use”

Feminism and Classics VII (May 2016, Seattle, WA)


Sharon James: Co-organizer and commentator, “The Street and the Stage: Seeing Women in the Mid-Republic”

Graduate Students

Jessica Wise: Organizer of a roundtable with alumna, Serena Witzke, “Feminism and the Future of Classical Pedagogy”

Society for Biblical Literature (November 2016, San Antonio, TX)

James Rives: Respondent for Panel on “Exploring the Meaning of Punic Identity in Roman Africa”

Other Talks and Lectures

Janet Downie

January, 2017: “Literarischer Götterpreis zu Zeiten Lukians: Die Götterhymnen des Aelius Aristides.” (“Divine Praise in the Time of Lucian: Aelius Aristides’ Prose Hymns”). SAPERE Seminar on Lucian’s Dialogues of the Gods. Göttingen University, Germany

May, 2016: “Cartographic Thinking in Some Imperial Greek Hymns.” University of Heidelberg, Germany

Al Duncan

“The Materialism, Symbolism, and Aesthetics of the Ancient Greek Theatrical Mask” (Classics Research Colloquium, University of KwaZulu-Natal, Durban, South Africa)

Jennifer Gates-Foster

AIA Kershaw Lecturer in Near Eastern Archaeology: lectures at four institutions on “Egypt’s Desert Frontier: The Ptolemaic Fortress at B’ir Samut”

“Ptolemaic Pottery from the Eastern Desert”
 July 2016, Levantine Ceramics Project Conference, Athens, Greece

“A late third century BCE floor deposit from Bir Samut in context” May 2016, University of Michigan, Ann Arbor

Donald Haggis

D.C. Haggis and M.S. Mook, “Excavations at Azoria in 2013-2016: Cultural transformations and settlement structure in the 8th and 7th centuries B.C.,” Session A2: Settlements and Cities: Institutions, Organization, and Topography, 12th International Congress of Cretan Studies, Herakleion 21-26 September, 2016

Jim O’Hara

“Triumphati magis quam victi? Possible Responses to Lying and Exaggeration in Aeneid 8,” in the colloquium series “Turning Points, Declines, and Falls in the Histories of Ancient Greece and Rome,” Yale, September 2016; also Baylor University, April 2017

James Rives

‘Orthopraxy, Orthodoxy, and “Religion”: Modeling Religious Change in the Roman Empire’, October 2016, ‘Religion before “Religion”’ Conference at Bowdoin College

“Roman Empire and Roman Emperor: Animal Sacrifice as an Instrument of Convergence”, June 2016, “Religious Convergence in the Ancient Mediterranean” Conference at the Villa Whitaker, Palermo