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James Rives (left) with competition winner Katie Surrat (right) and Latin instructor Kelly McArdle (center).

This spring semester, 76 undergraduate students in elementary and intermediate Latin participated in the fourth annual T-shirt competition.  Every student was given the chance to compose a phrase in Latin that exemplified their love and understanding of the language.  Students in Luca Grillo’s LATN 204 course served as the final judges, selecting a winner from all of the entries received.   First place was awarded to Katie Surrat from Kelly McArdle’s LATN 102 section.  Her winning phrase was “Salve, puella.  Esne tertia pars principalis? Quod es perfecta” (Hey girl.  Are you the third principal part?  Because you’re perfect).  William Christopherson from Emma Warhover’s LATN 102 class took second place with the phrase “Latina est meus sensus sextus: lego homines mortuos” (Latin is my sixth sense: I read dead men”).  Thanks go to Jimmy Holcomb for offering his talent and time in designing the shirts and to Jim and Kay Snow whose generous gifts make the competition possible.