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Ullman Library is staffed by graduate students from UNC’s School of Information and Library Sciences. A second-year student acts as the head librarian and, beginning in 2011, two or three students serve as volunteer interns. Working in our library allows these students to apply learned skills and to develop their interests in archives and preservation, circulation, and reference, providing them with needed practical experience for their future careers. This year, Jess Bellemer, a previous intern, directed our three interns, Adrian Ogletree, Emily Corbin, and Nick Baran. Below she details the past year.


Jess Bellemer
Ullman librarian

This has been an exciting year filled with many achievements for Ullman Library.

Thank you to all the donors who helped build the library through their generosity this year. As a result of your donations, the library staff has cataloged more than 2,000 books for the collection. It has been a delight to watch the library grow into a higher quality collection.

One of the greatest accomplishments regarding our growing collection was instituting an electronic check-out system. A lot of work went into the process, but it has been well worth it. Library circulation is now much more user-friendly, organized, and searchable. Users may check out items on their own, and the staff can easily trace who has checked out what. Having this system also enables the librarian to pull statistical information on the collection and its use. This will help us further develop the collection. It is a great improvement on the old system!

Also, our library interns finished sorting the offprint collection. The offprint collection consists of booklets of an article written by a faculty member. The journals regularly provided the offprints to authors prior to the publication of the journal issue before the dawn of the digital age. Our collection is the result of faculty donations through the years. Once the staff has cataloged the entire collection, the members of the department will be able to search and find articles that may not be available online through UNC Libraries.

The library has had a great year. It has been a pleasure to be a part of the Classics department.

Jess resigned from the position upon graduation, and the department welcomes Jennie Minor as the new head librarian in the fall.