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Why haven’t I heard anything?

Classics Wikki
In addition to centralizing many links to association’s postings, the wikki contains a rumors page, which should be used with caution as it does contain misinformation or information provided by ornery people. When supply information to the rumors page, remember to remain professional because perspective employers read the wikki as well.

The Maddening Wait
Gene C. Fant Jr. sheds light onto the bureaucratic process behind a search committee.

Waiting for the Phone to Ring
To call or not to call after an interview? That is the question Julie Miller Vick and Jennifer S. Furlong answer.


After the Offer, Before the Deal
The University of California, Berkeley guides you through the entire application process, including the power shift that comes with negotiation and accepting an offer.

Ask the Administration: Handling an Offer
“Dean Dad,” a community college dean and blogger, dishes on how to negotiate an offer with insight from the other side of the table.

Negotiating Offers for Faculty Positions provides an aggregate list of helpful articles about when and how to effectively negotiate for a higher salary and better benefits in academia.

Negotiating Tactics for Women
The Chronicle of Higher Education delineates the mistakes that women make when negotiating and how women can avoid the pitfalls of a failed negotiation.

Check Your Facts Before Asking
The National Center for Education Statistics publishes the salaries and budgets of public and private educational institutions. Although private institutions may not divulge all of their financial information, this database will provide you with enough information to make a benchmark comparison to your peers and formulate an accurate counter proposal.

Two bodies, one job offer

Never Mix, Never Worry: A Brief (and Incomplete) History of the Academic Couple
Tenured Radical Claire B. Potter, a political and feminist historian, provides a gendered history of the problem of trailing partners with her typical wit.

The Perfect Offer
Graham Bennett and Jason Lindsey recount their struggles with the two-body problem and their qualms over accepting the perfect offer.

The Two-Body Problem Forum 
The Chronicle of Higher Education maintains a forum to post or answer questions regarding hiring opportunities for partners.

Adapting to change

Academic Culture
Read The Chronicle of Higher Education‘s useful advice page will help you navigate your new position on a new campus.

Bloom Where You’re Planted
The Chronicle of Education’s advisory thread where academics voice the positives and negatives of having a tenured commitment to the college’s local community.