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Making the Most of Your Department’s Hiring Process
Even if you are not the one in the proverbial hot seat as graduate student, there are still lessons to be learned by observing and participating in your department’s faculty searches. Kelly Hanson, a PhD candidate at Indiana University, Bloomington, shares why going to job talks and talking with faculty candidates are important ways graduate students can learn what to expect once they hit the job market.

What to do as a Second-Year Graduate Student
The career center at the University of California, Berkeley outlines key points in how to turn a seminar paper into a professional paper and develop your teaching dossier.

UNC’s Graduate School Professional Development Resources
The Graduate School provides helpful links to a variety of resources, including classes, lectures, funding, teaching support, and technology and professionalism training, and links to numerous careers databases.

Publishing Articles
The ins and outs of how to publish your first and subsequent articles for an academic journal.

How to Balance Your Academic and Personal Lives
The career center at the University of California, Berkeley offers great advice on how to complete your dissertation while still developing professional contacts without sacrificing your social life or sanity.

Eeny, Meeny, Miny, Moe: How Candidates are Evaluated
Although Tenured Radical Claire B. Potter advises search committees in evaluating applicants, her criteria are useful points that you can and should start working toward as a student.

Another Year, Another Job Market
Tenured Radical Claire B. Potter offers alternative summer plans for those wishing to enter the job market in the fall.