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Thanks to the support of the department’s friends, our graduate students were able to travel and research in a variety of places this year. Read below for the benefits of your support.


Cicek Beeby took part in the summer program of the American School of Classical Studies at Athens on a Ford Scholarship in the summer of 2013.

John Esposito delivered a paper at a conference, ‘Word, Space, Time: Digital Perspectives on the Classical World’ in Buffalo, NY, in April 2013.

Hans Hansen (James Rignall Wheeler Fellowship) and Rebecca Worsham (Emily Townsend Vermeule Fellowship) at the American School of Classical Studies in Athens for 2013-14. READ MORE …

Robyn Le Blanc has won a fellowship for 2013-14 from the American Center of Oriental Research/Council of American Overseas Research Centers

Liz Robinson has edited a volume, New Directions in Italian Urbanism Studies, forthcoming as a supplement for the Journal of Roman Archaeology and also has a co-authored article forthcoming in Zeitschrift für Papyrologie und Epigraphik


A number of our students presented papers at the annual meetings of professional societies, including a bumper crop at CAMWS. Many students are able to attend these conferences only because of funding provided by generous donors.

 Serena Witzke gave a paper in July 2013 at an international conference on Menander in Nottingham, and has three articles forthcoming in edited collections.

Papers at CAMWS Southern Section in October 2012: John Beeby

Papers at the AIA/APA in January 2013: Liz Robinson, Serena Witzke; Serena won an Honorable Mention for her paper in a panel, which also won Best Panel.

Papers at CAMWS in April 2013: Emma Buckingham, Katie De Boer, John Esposito, Hans Hansen, Robyn Le Blanc, Zack Rider, Erika Weiberg, Jessica Wise, Serena Witzke


Our archaeology graduate students greatly benefit from fieldwork, which is made possible through the generous donations of the department’s benefactors.

 Azoria, summer 2013 (co-directed by Donald Haggis): Cicek Beeby, Bailey Benson, Emma Buckingham, Erin Galligan, Sarah Hilker, Catharine Judson, Erika Weiberg

Morgantina, summer 2013 (co-directed by Monika Truemper): Bailey Benson, Emma Buckingham, Sarah Hilker, Erika Weiberg

Other fieldwork in summer 2013: Robyn Le Blanc at Ashkelon, Daniel Schindler at Huqoq (directed by Jodi Magness), Matt Schueller at two sites in Bulgaria, Rebecca Worsham at Iklaina