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Departmental Proseminars
In addition to theoretical graduate proseminars, some of the meetings will focus on professional development. Speakers from inside and outside the department will lead discussions and workshops designed to kick start graduate students’ job search.

Topics covered during these sessions will include the value of attending and participating in colloquia and conferences; how to craft a conference paper and talk; developing a dissertation topic; research skills; teaching methods and experience; how to craft cover letters, curriculum vitae, and grant applications; the value of and how to network; and fieldwork.

Future Faculty Fellowship Program
UNC’s Center for Faculty Excellence offers an intensive five-day college teaching seminar for graduate students. Many students in the department have benefited from this program, which covers not only how to design a syllabus and practical teaching advice but also how to create a teaching portfolio for your future job hunt.

Graduate School’s Professional Development Workshops
The Graduate School regularly host workshops to help students prepare for their future careers. Topics are not limited to academia but include how to write a cover letter and other pertinent job-searching skills.