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Greek and Latin have been taught on the UNC-Chapel Hill campus since the University opened its doors in 1795. We now have one of the largest and best Classics departments in the country, with faculty members almost equally divided among Hellenists, Latinists, and Archaeologists. We are a full-service Classics department, offering degrees at all levels in Latin, Greek, and Archaeology, as well as undergraduate degrees in Classical Civilization. The faculty is composed of well-respected scholars, who come from all over the world, and the department has always prided itself on the quality of its teaching and its service to the University.

We could not have maintained this long and rich tradition without the support of our alumni and friends. With their generous donations we have been able to endow three chaired professorships: the Paddison Professorship of Greek, the Paddison Professorship of Latin, and the Cassas Professorship of Archaeology. We send archaeology students to Europe in the summer to gain experience on excavation sites using the J.P. Harland Endowment Fund in Classical Archaeology. We send philologists abroad to improve their language skills and to study manuscripts and to do other types of research in European libraries. We help graduate students and undergraduates to travel to conferences to deliver papers. We bring speakers to Chapel Hill to enrich the intellectual experience of our students. We support faculty research and provide funds for professors to socialize with their students outside of class. Without this outside support we could barely survive; with it we can flourish even in bad times. Please help us to continue this long tradition of studying Classics in Chapel Hill.

How to Give

To help us continue to thrive, please visit The Arts and Science Foundation’s website. Simply follow the prompts on the website to complete your gift.

For assistance, contact

Mark Newman
Associate Director of Development
The Arts and Sciences Foundation
The University of North Carolina
Buchan House | 523 E. Franklin St.
Chapel Hill, NC  27514
T: (919) 843-3919

We thank you for supporting our rich heritage in education and research.