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Student Name TitleYear DefendedCommittee
Rhinehart, Robert Romans on the Runway: Classical Reception in Contemporary High Fashion2021Hérica Valladares, Al Duncan, Donald Haggis
Miller, Grace Cursus Servorum: Gendered Patterns in Owners' Valuations of Enslaved Persons in Plautine Comedy2021Sharon James, Al Duncan, Dorota Dutsch
Student NameTitle Year DefendedCommittee
D'Amico, JennaReading Tiresias as Trans* in Attic Drama2022Al Duncan, Janet Downie, Sharon James
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Nielsen, MadisonPropertius through Wilson: Books of Latin Love Poetry as Objects2023James, Valladares, O'Hara
Student NameTitleYear DefendedCommittee
Parnelli, AlyssaThe Antonines and the Recuperation of the Imperial Family in Roman Art2024Valladares, Gates-Foster, Rives, Shea
Thompson, HannahPrototokoi: The Epistemic Authority of First-Time Mothers in Early Medicine2024Leunissen, Downie, Baragwanath